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  1. Vehicles transporting athletes to START must be parked in the demarcated area at the Mountview Resort.
  3. Athletes must keep in the allocated lanes and to the LEFT SIDE of the road at all times.
  4. Race referees, officials and traffic officials, must be obeyed at all times.
  5. No cycle, or any other mode of transport, except that in which the athlete is competing or which is part of the race, will be allowed on the route.
  6. Only participants in the Fun Event will be allowed one helper/assistant per athlete.
  7. No race-chip.
  8. No official time will be registered if an athlete does not cross the timing mat.
  9. No athlete/participant will qualify for a medal if the full distance for which he/she entered is not completed.
  10. Emergency telephone numbers and radio contact is available at the water points.
  11. Basic First Aid Kits are available at water points.
  12. Basic Repair Kit is available on the route - on request at the water points.
  13. Medical facilities and ambulance will be on the route and at the START/FINISH.
  14. A complete plan of the START/FINISH layout and the route is in your “Goody Bag”.
  15. Athletes taking part in the 21.1km, 42.2km and 10km events must acquaint themselves with the route and the finish area and will be monitored by the official at that point for the second lap.
  16. Athletes not wanting to complete the race must please notify the official at the water point. Such an athlete will not qualify for a medal. PLEASE STAY AT THAT WATER POINT AND YOU WILL BE PICKED UP.
  17. Athletes in the 42.2km marathon wanting to stop at the 21.1km point, must please inform the official on duty accordingly.
  18. Athletes start in the following order:
    Winners of Racing wheelchairs and handcycles 2013 race will line-up first.
    Racing wheelchairs
    Hand cycles
    Other wheelchairs
  19. Age restriction:
    21.1km & 42.2km 16 years (Racing Wheelchairs)
    21.1km & 42.2km 15 years(Hand cycles)
    “Fun event” No age restriction
  20. Athletes not receiving a medal from the winner's podium must collect their medal at the winner's podium after the race – proof of number is compulsory.
  21. Athletes in the 42.2km, 21.1km and 10km MUST wear the number stickers on both the FRONT and the LEFT hand side of the helmet.
  22. Athletes in the 10km must wear the pink armband on their left arm.